Top tips for choosing the right entertainment for your event!

Regardless of the type of event or party you’re hosting, you always want to ensure that you make it a night for your guest to remember! 

Choosing the right entertainment for your event can be a confusing process, that’s why we’ve put together some tips to help take the pressure off and make it simple for you to get the perfect fit for your party. 

Here are our tops tips for booking the best entertainment for your party.

richard garaghty unicyclist street performer
  1. Choose Your Audience 

It is important to know and understand what type of audience will be at your event as this will depend on the type of entertainment you should choose.

The number of guests 

Depending on how many people will be attending your event, will determine how many acts we recommend to perform throughout. If it’s a small intimate event, we would recommend acts which can work the room and approach guests, such as magicians and contact jugglers. If it’s a festival or family fun day, we would suggest attention grabbing interactive walkabout acts such as stilt walkers and giant puppets.  

The age of the guests 

The next thing to consider is the age range of guests as your event. Our performers have performed for guests of all ages and can adapt their shows and skills depending on the audience. We even offer an alternative option of workshops, which can again be tailored to the different ages of the guests. 

Take a look at our workshop options here 

The atmosphere you want to create 

You may want your entertainment to be extravagant and the centerpiece of the event, if this is the case, we have a fantastic selection of large productions and statement acts which would really compliment these types of events. Or, you may want to create a fun and engaging atmosphere, here you could have live music as well as interactive walkabout acts to entertain your guests. 

The Trees environmental themed entertainment
Reuben Acrobatic Chinese pole show

2. Chose your Theme

Whether it’s for a large corporate company or for a local family family fun day, we have divided our performers into different categories, depending on their suitability for the type of event. Some of our themes include; Christmas, Halloween, flower & garden shows and animal acts. 

Head over to our themes page on our website for some inspiration. 

Can’t find a theme that suits your event? Contact us for a personalised recommendation.

3. Choose your performers 

We have an extensive portfolio of performers, all of which are unique and in our opinion, the best in the industry. Just to name a few; Street theatre, Walkabout Acts, Magicians, Jugglers, Stilt Walkers, Contortionists, Escapologists and Fire Performers.  

We are proud to represent not only the best acts from Covent Garden & the UK, but also world-class international performers. 

4. On The Day

Sit back and relax!

Our staff have travelled across the world to stage manage at a number of events. We provide stage management options to have at your event to oversee and help with the running of the day, ensuring the performers have everything they need to entertain your guests. 

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