10 Glastonbury Festival Tips From Covent Garden Entertainment


Glastonbury festival tips come from a variety of sources, but mostly from visitors, not the performers. As we start planning our acts for Glastonbury (less than a week to go!), we thought we’d share some of our top tips. You don’t want to just survive – you want to have the best weekend of your life! 

So, without further ado, here are our Glastonbury festival tips…

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1. What to pack for a festival

Pack light! Anything you carry onsite, you’ll have to carry away again. In addition, bringing less stuff means any security checks will be quicker, and you’re less likely to leave something behind. If you’re planning to camp with friends, divide up the gear. For example, one person has the tent, someone else has the poles and pegs, a third person has the cooking things. 

One important thing to bring is a power pack. There is no electricity, so bring a good power pack and a torch with plenty of batteries for on a night (don’t use your phone torch).

2. Only bring valuables if they’re essential

Part of letting your hair down for a weekend is that you can end up losing things. Not only that, but festivals can be muddy, which means your stuff gets muddy too. And, while most people have come to have fun, a tiny minority are out to take advantage of festival-goers. With all this in mind, it’s better not to bring valuables unless they’re absolutely essential, like medication. Moneywise, we like to bring a bit of cash and one bank card so we’ve got options in case disaster strikes. 

3. Label your stuff

You’re more likely to get stuff back if you lose it and it’s got your name on it. The lost property people will appreciate your forethought too!

4. Bring a refillable water bottle

There are plenty of refill points and the festival no longer sells water in plastic bottles. The water flowing from the taps is supplied by Somerset Water and is the same quality as you would find in your homes. 

It saves you carrying lots of heavy bottles of water – plus it’s much better for the planet!

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Muddy festival boots

5. Pack for all weathers

 We can all rely on the Great British weather to be completely unreliable! Whatever the forecast says, it’s worth packing a warm hoodie, waterproofs and wellies, as well as sun cream and a hat. Remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes!

6. Leave no trace

Glastonbury’s Leave No Trace campaign was created to ensure that the festival has the minimum environmental impact. You can do your bit by recycling your litter at the designated points, taking your stuff home with you and packing thoughtfully. Visitors and performers are all asked not to bring disposable anything with us, from wet wipes to plastic cutlery to disposable vapes. Bring your own reusable alternatives or buy them at the festival. 
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7. Make a (rough) plan

Chances are that you and your friends will, at some point, want to catch different acts. If you’re splitting up, make a rough plan to meet up again – pick a time and an exact place. Don’t rely on your phone – the signal at Glastonbury can be hit and miss. But remember too that you’re all at a festival – if someone gets involved in something incredible and misses the rendezvous, don’t hold it against them! 

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8. If you're taking the children...

…avoid the busiest crowds and enjoy all the family fun. Children are always welcome in the Circus Field (where we’ll be!) and come early to bagsy a space at one of the two Family Camping Fields. Bring an ergonomic sling or an all-terrain buggy because festivals are tiring for little legs! Dress your tinies brightly so they’re easy to spot and take a sharpie to write your mobile number on their arm!

9. Relax

Glastonbury festival is huge. The programme is packed with live music, comedy, crafts, yoga, street entertainment and more. But you can’t do everything, and if you push yourself too hard, you could end up frustrated. We think the best approach is to commit to a few favourites but otherwise, flow like a river. 

10. Show the performers some love!

There are some great bands and some great acts lined up for Glastonbury this year. We’re really excited to New York Brass Band! But festivals are a great way to discover new music and new acts too – we can’t wait to see what we’ll get into this year! So turn up for your old favourites and open your minds to the new talent – we promise you won’t be disappointed. 
Our Glastonbury festival tips are tried and tested

These are our Glastonbury festival tips – we’ve been using them since 2010 and they’ve never let us down yet. We’re really excited for this summer’s festival and we know you are too. We’ll be in the Circus Field and we hope you’ll come and see us.

Whatever you do, have an incredible festival season! 

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