Alex Sladman

Alex Sladman specialises in making jaws drop with the use of magic!

What to expect from Alex Sladman

Alex Sladman is a very talented close-up magician. What better way to break the ice between attendees than to have Alex open up conversation between individuals with his magic skills, bringing them together with the common experience of amazement. Is your event missing a wow-factor to make it stand out? Then Alex is the perfect addition for your event such as a wedding. He performs mind blowing, jaw dropping and amazing magic tricks that will leave your guests remembering him and your event for years to come!

Yorkshire magician

When people experience Alex’s magic tricks they are always intrigued by his “chatty people person’s” personality. They are engaged in interesting discussions with big smiles on their faces! You keep hearing exclamations from people feeling deeply amazed by his performances! Your guests will not be able to refrain from telling you and others how much fun they are having watching and engaging in his performances. Your event will be on the tips of their tongues long after it is over.

The perfect magician for weddings & corporate events

Alex approaches groups of people and politely begins by introducing himself, soon following up with a combination of sleight of hand, misdirection and charming personality to create magical experiences. Alex really encourages involvement of the audience in his performances. The attendees at your event will now be having a great time and bonding over a unique experience they have just shared and will remember this for a long time!

Alex Sladman performing magic
Alex Sladman close-up magicianAlex Sladman close-up magician
Alex SladmanAlex Sladman
Alex Sladman close-up magician to hireAlex Sladman close-up magician to hire
Alex Sladman wedding magician for hireAlex Sladman wedding magician for hire
Alex Sladman corporate magician for hireAlex Sladman corporate magician for hire
Alex Sladman close-up magicianAlex Sladman close-up magician

Alex Sladman specialises in

  • Corporate parties
  • Weddings
  • Private Events

Alex Sladman has performed at

  • Weddings
  • Private Events
  • York Knights

Alex Sladman specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

Alex Sladman has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden

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He’s been absolutely fantastic, my guests won’t stop talking about him even though he is long gone from their table! I think this is the best choice I’ve made for our wedding day!
Martin B, Groom

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