Annoying Brothers

The Annoying Brothers

The Annoying Brothers aren’t annoying and they aren’t brothers. Fortunately, they are a pair of consummate professionals, and very funny too, so we’ll forgive them! This Singapore-based duo perform circus skills, acrobatics, juggling, diablo and more. They’re regular buskers but they love appearing at organised events too.

What to expect from the Annoying Brothers

Edwin and Jonathan have developed an amazing show, combining juggling, comedy, diablo, acrobatics and more. We’ve never seen anyone keep a diablo in the air as long as this pair and we love their impressive cigar-box juggling too. They’ve delighted audiences with daring stunts, adding an element of danger to their performances like juggling knives and throwing fire… so think carefully before you volunteer to help them out! Their cheeky double-act and audience rapport have built them an adoring fan base wherever they go.

Thrilling thrills and circus skills

Circus skills were a lifeline to Jonathan during a difficult time, and turning them into his career seemed like a good way to say thank you! He met Edwin at a community circus project in their native Singapore and the Annoying Brothers were born. Working to their strengths and teaching each other their skills, they’ve created a unique juggling act that never disappoints.

The Annoying Brothers’ is perfect for;

Fans of Asia’s Got Talent will recognise Edwin and Jonathan, who received a fantastic reaction from the live audience and three big “Yes’s” from the judges.

When they’re not making TV appearances, they area frequent sight in Orchard Road and around Singapore. They also travel across the South China Sea, appearing both at home in Singapore and over in the Philippines. Once young performers themselves, they’ve even performed in schools to inspire the next generation of jugglers!

Both able to perform their own solo shows, Jonathon travelled to Edinburgh Fringe Festival and London’s Covent Garden to improve his skills and learn from seasoned professionals.

They are always an asset to outdoor events, busking festivals, shopping malls and theme parks. The Annoying Brothers love bringing a few laughs to an ordinary day, but they can give a jaw dropping performance at a big event too.

In 2018 they were a big hit at our own Covent Garden Entertainment curated festival–Clarke Quay Streetfest.

Annoying brothers in singaporeAnnoying brothers in singapore
Annoying brothers duo actAnnoying brothers duo act
Annoying brothers duo actAnnoying brothers duo act
Annoying Brothers knife jugglingAnnoying Brothers knife juggling
Annoying Brothers jugglingAnnoying Brothers juggling
Annoying Brothers juggle in streetAnnoying Brothers juggle in street

Annoying Brothers specialises in

  • Circus skills
  • Knife juggling and club juggling
  • Street performers
  • Diablo
  • Plate spinning

Annoying Brothers has performed at

  • SG Festival Of Fun, Singapore
  • Asia’s Got Talent
  • Philippines
  • Covent Garden regular 

Annoying Brothers specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

Annoying Brothers has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden

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Hilarious! They're so talented and really made us laugh, we loved them

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