Ben Langley

Ben Langley is an award-winning comedian and circus performer. He’s also famous for changing song lyrics with hilarious results and doing things with a surgical glove that you really shouldn’t try at home. 

What to expect from the comedian Ben Langley

Ben Langley’s adaptable act combines family-friendly hilarity with mind-blowing circus skills. Watch him juggle clubs, knives and apples; marvel as he inflates a surgical glove using only his nose. Dovetailed onto his regular act are his famous song lyric swaps – your favourite songs as you’ve never heard them before. ABBA were singing about dentistry – who knew?! 

He glues his act together with original, giggle-worthy gags, razor-sharp timing and plenty of humanity to connect him with his audience. 

Outside, in his street show, Ben draws inspiration from the location and the crowd for a unique, inclusive performance, bringing his own brand of sparkle to your shopping centre or high street. 

An upbeat performer, Ben will have your audience in stitches. He tinges his feel-good act with a little danger – never scary but always entertaining. 

Juggling skills, hilarious talent and decades of experience

Ben’s incredible performances may seem effortless but like all the best entertainers, each gag is timed to perfection. He’s been in entertainment for decades, building up skills, refining his act, picking up ideas and making them his own. The results speak for themselves – a slick, professional show, as funny as it is polished. 

Looking to hire a comedian for your next event?

Ben’s interactive act will make your event one to remember. He’s performed his misheard lyrics routine for the panel on Britain’s Got Talent and even made the late Queen giggle when he turned up at Windsor Castle (she hadn’t booked him – he just wanted directions). He’s a panto regular in his home of Norfolk (oh, yes he is!) and takes his own show to holiday camps all round the UK. He can also tailor his performance for corporate events, cabaret or street entertainment.

Ben Langley
Ben Langley street comedianBen Langley street comedian
Ben Langley street comedianBen Langley street comedian
Ben Langley street performerBen Langley street performer
Ben Langley street comedianBen Langley street comedian
Ben Langley comedian and magicianBen Langley comedian and magician
Ben Langley street comedianBen Langley street comedian

Ben Langley specialises in

  • Street shows
  • Comedy
  • Stage Shows
  • Variety entertainment

Ben Langley has performed at

  • Britain’s Got Talent 
  • Windsor Castle
  • BBC1, Worzel Gummidge

Ben Langley specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

Ben Langley has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden

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"Ben Langley, you are a very funny man!"
Simon Cowell

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