Bendy Bendini

Bendy Bendini is an eccentric and bewildering multi-skilled entertainer, sword swallower and circus contortionist.

Bendy Bendini is an incredible performer who can be described as nothing less than an Anatomical Wonder and Extraordinary Gentlemen. He demonstrates unbelievable feats of the body. From contorting and dislocating his body and elasticating his skin to sword swallowing, with a variety of swords in different shapes and sizes.

What he doesn’t do is perform feats of trickery or deception. Everything he does is very real and performed with an upbeat personable personality and a flair for showmanship. Whether it be for family audiences or an adult crowd, he will leave them amused and entertained.

Bendini has performed for over 10 years, bewildering audiences both in the UK and internationally, performing both as a clown and a gentleman. He has made numerous press, TV and film appearances, including featuring in Time Out, Dr Who and Dumbo.

Perfect as a side show, freak show or halloween entertainment. If you are looking for unique and alluring entertainment at your event, you’re in the right place.

Bendy Bendini
Bendy The JesterBendy The Jester
Peg Face ActPeg Face Act
Bendy Bendini Sword SwallowerBendy Bendini Sword Swallower
Contortionist BendiniContortionist Bendini
Contortionist Stage ShowContortionist Stage Show
Bendy Bendini Sword SwallowerBendy Bendini Sword Swallower

Bendy Bendini specialises in

  • Contortionist
  • Sword Swallower
  • Corporate
  • Show and walkabout
  • Street shows
  • Cabaret

Bendy Bendini has performed at

  • Dumbo Movie
  • iUmor, Russia
  • TV Appearances

Bendy Bendini specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

Bendy Bendini has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden

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Safe to say that catching him before he jets off is a must, but purely on a ‘don’t try this at home’ basis.
Time Out, Shangai

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