Billy Kidd

Billy Kidd is a Magician, Conjuror, Wizard… and a Liar.

Her style of comedy magic has taken her across the globe. She has performed at various festivals, corporate events, theatres and television shows.

Billy Kidd is one of the most diverse magicians around. She can stylise her magic for Close up/ walkabout events, outdoor street shows or a full Comedy Magic Stage Show. It doesn’t matter what type of magic people request of Billy they will always get something unique, amazing, and poetically absurd!

Her shows bring people together, interacting with one another in a way that can only be described simply as magic. From turning paper to money, escapology, beans coming out her eyes, card tricks that can’t be explained and feeling objects in boxes that just shouldn’t be; Billy Kidd will make the audience not think How but more like WOW! 

She is a regular on Disney Cruise Lines, the Magic Castle in Hollywood, numerous outdoor festivals internationally. She has also starred on shows for the Discovery Channel, BBC, ITV, SYFY, CW and the CBC. Billy also runs a weekly magic theatre called Krowd Keepers in Bath Spa. 

If you are looking for a magician that is not like the rest of them, then Billy Kidd is your choice. 

Billy specialises in

  • Corporate entertainment
  • Close up magic
  • Street shows
  • Magic Shows
  • Virtual Shows

Billy has performed at

  • Hollywood’s Magic Castle
  • Disney Cruise Lines
  • Glastonbury Festival, UK
  • Hosted Breaking Magic on Discovery Channel

Billy specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

Billy has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden
Billy Kidd Stage Show Comedy MagicianBilly Kidd Stage Show Comedy Magician
Billy Kidd Volunteer Street ShowBilly Kidd Volunteer Street Show
Billy Kidd Straight Jacket EscapeBilly Kidd Straight Jacket Escape
Billy Kidd Large CrowdBilly Kidd Large Crowd
Billy Kidd Close up in Street ShowBilly Kidd Close up in Street Show
Billy Kidd Overseas Street ShowBilly Kidd Overseas Street Show

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