Bloxed Beats

Bloxed Beats

Bloxed Beats are the UK’s number one beatbox group – three exceptional vocalists called Sholto, Steve and Phil. 

What to expect

Bloxed Beats bring a high-energy performance to any festival or outdoor event. These three musicians take to the stage armed with nothing but one microphone each, and perform a wide variety of covers using just their incredible vocal talent. If you thought they had instruments, you’d be amazed; the fact that they’re only using their voices takes the performance to another level. Using just their vocal talents, they produce multiple sounds of percussion, bass lines, effects and singing, performing as a group to create a unique sound. 

Sholto, Steve and Phil put a high injection of energy into your party. It’s widely reported that the whole audience – wedding party or stadium – will get up and dance, and we’ve even seen it ourselves. 

From inspiration to obsession

These three beatboxers got into it through hearing recordings and feeling inspired. After a few experiments and a lot of dedication, they honed their talent and changed the world of beatboxing forever. They love beatboxing because they can do it anywhere – they’re never held back by the need to tune up an instrument.

Some years ago they turned their hobby into a busking act. From there, they went on to play main stages at festivals and provide the entertainment at sporting events. Beatboxing is their shared obsession – if you think you get a buzz out of their performance, you can bet your life that they do too. 

Bloxed Beats’ favourite gigs

Bloxed Beats perform at festivals and stadiums, but they also love bringing their exceptional sounds to your wedding, corporate event or private party. They have toured with Goldie Looking Chain on their 10th anniversary tour, supported US hip hop legends Ugly Duckling, performed for the NFL at Wembley Stadium, and worked with the Ellen Degeneres show in America. They have even performed live with the one and only Kiesza!

Hearing is believing – check out Bloxed Beats here. 

Bloxed beats beatboxers
Bloxed beats beatboxing on stageBloxed beats beatboxing on stage
Bloxed beats beatboxing to large audienceBloxed beats beatboxing to large audience
bloxed beats performing on stage to large crowdbloxed beats performing on stage to large crowd
Bloxed beats beatboxersBloxed beats beatboxers
Bloxed Beats performing on stageBloxed Beats performing on stage
Bloxed Beats Beatboxing Trio sitting downBloxed Beats Beatboxing Trio sitting down

Bloxed Beats specialises in

  • Beatboxing
  • Corporate shows
  • Stage show
  • Street shows

Bloxed Beats has performed at

  • Wembley Stadium
  • Ellen Degeneres Show
  • Toured with Goldie Looking Chain
  • Twickenham Stadium 

Bloxed Beats specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

Bloxed Beats has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden

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Bloxed Beats were brilliant. A perfect warm up before the FA Cup Final!
Lei Lana, Club Wembley, Wembley Stadium,

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