Blue Birds

An alien-like, surreal walkabout act blending puppetry, stilt-walking and incredible costumes, the Blue Birds are a dreamy addition to any large-scale event. 

What to expect from the Blue Birds

Sometimes accompanied by their keeper, stilt-walking Azurro, roam your event spreading magic and wonder around your venue. Beautifully weird yet friendly and curious, they stand tall above the heads of your crowd, drawing everyone’s attention with their slow-motion movements, music and soundscapes. 

Like all good walkabout acts, the Blue Birds spread their magic all around your venue. They’ll carry the activity of your event to its furthest corners, making every guest feel special and keeping up the energy. Always eye-catching and a ready-made photo opportunity, they’re great for PR and look fantastic on your social media pages too. 

Ingenious giant puppet costumes and a range of combinations

The Blue Birds’ costumes stand approximately three metres high, from the performers’ flippered feet to the tips of their nodding beaks. Tapering talons help them explore their new surroundings; long tails add to the stunning effect. The performers are completely disguised by their costumes – when you see the Birds’ heads above the crowd, it’s difficult to tell what’s controlling them. 

The Blue Birds are available in groups of 3-6, with or without their stilt-walking keeper. Choose from a small group or a whole flock to fit with the mood and scale of your event. 

A large scale roving puppet act

The Blue Birds are perfect for any event with an animal, alien, halloween or sci-fi theme.  They’re family-friendly and make a great addition to an outdoor festival. They’re also dramatic and eye-catching – ideal for photocalls and a stunning backdrop for your other acts.  

Blue Birds
Blue Birds headline actBlue Birds headline act
Blue BirdsBlue Birds
Blue BirdsBlue Birds
Blue Birds ActBlue Birds Act
Blue Birds walkabout actBlue Birds walkabout act
Blue BirdsBlue Birds

Blue Birds specialises in

  • Walkabout Acts
  • Street performance
  • Festivals
  • Public Events

Blue Birds has performed at

  • Tilburg Festival Mundial
  • European Festivals
  • Large Outdoor Events

Blue Birds specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

Blue Birds has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden

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