Born in France, raised in Portugal and loved worldwide. Cartoonette is an extraordinary human statue like no other.  She has escaped from a painting into the real world! 

Since a young age she has always had a passion for art and painting, and then studied and graduated in Design. Her curiosity and determination to learn took her on a journey of experimentation with a variety of ideas, concepts and skills. These included music, clowning, circus and Special Effects (FX) makeup. 

After graduation, Cartoonette travelled throughout Europe and this is where she discovered her love for street performance. Her inspiration from this trip encouraged her to combine her passion, skill and devotion to artistry. Cartoonette fused all of her knowledge to create characters, performing with unique costumes spreading joy to the audiences before her as a well respected and loved street artist and living statue.

This lead to her character of Cartoonette who performs around the world today. She is a very lively character who captivates the audience with her “live drawing” appearance and charming and cheeky personality. She promises moments of spontaneous entertainment, surprises and lots of laughs with her peculiar humour.

Cartoonette Human statue

Cartoonette specialises in

  • Human Statue
  • Walkabout act
  • Interactive
  • Art

Cartoonette has performed at

  • Live Arts Festival, Israel
  • World Living Statues, Belgium
  • Dubai Shopping Festival
  • Shenzhen Fringe Festival, China

Cartoonette specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

Cartoonette has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden
Cartoonette street performerCartoonette street performer
Cartoonette living statueCartoonette living statue
Cartoonette cartoon character human statueCartoonette cartoon character human statue
Cartoonette street performerCartoonette street performer
Cartoonette human statue street performerCartoonette human statue street performer
Cartoonette living statue performerCartoonette living statue performer

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Cartoonette is simply fantastic. She looks like a real life cartoon and is puts on a brilliant show.
Audience member

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