Fabulous Contraptions

Two crazy Victorian inventors can’t wait to meet your crowd and check out their gadgets! Fabulous Contraptions are a hilarious mobile walkabout act that is perfect for outdoor events and festivals.

What to expect from the Fabulous Contraptions

The Captain and the Professor have successfully built a time machine, travelling forward from the nineteenth century to the twenty-first! Now they’re here, they want to know all about “the future” and share their impressions of it. 

Guests of all ages will love meeting these somewhat naïve scientists as they zoom around your event on their monowheel time machines. The interactions are funny and a little bit educational (not too much!) – a great combination that adds up to a memorable act. Show off your calculator, your smartphone, your button-operated car keys – the Captain and the Professor will absorb all your wisdom. They might even take it back to their own time and change the future forever! 

Engaging and interactive walkabout act

Like all good walkabout acts, Fabulous Contraptions spread their magic (sorry, science) all around your venue. They’ll carry the activity of your event to its furthest corners, making every guest feel special and keeping up the energy between the main acts. Once they’ve asked you how your camera works, they’ll happily pose for photos – a great social media opportunity and good for PR too. 

The Captain and the Professor’s time machines are self-balancing electric unicycles. They require a flat surface to run on – they can cope with cobbles, grass and gravel but not kerbs. 

With this kind of power behind this extraordinary walkabout act, the performers can travel across large sites quickly – perfect for big venues or multi-centre events. 

Book this roving act for…

Fabulous Contraptions love large scale events like festivals. They’re also perfect for town centre events where they can travel on their time machines and meet your community. They love anything science-related, bringing some light-hearted curiosity to the modern world and making any educational event fun and engaging. 

Character Walkabout Act the Fabulous Contraptions pointing into the distance
Fabulous Contraptions walkabout actFabulous Contraptions walkabout act
Fabulous ContraptionsFabulous Contraptions
Fabulous Contraptions duo walkabout actFabulous Contraptions duo walkabout act
Fabulous ContraptionsFabulous Contraptions
Large crowdLarge crowd
Large crowdLarge crowd

Fabulous Contraptions specialises in

  • Walkabout act 
  • Interactive entertainment
  • Character walkabout
  • Comedy & audience interaction

Fabulous Contraptions has performed at

  • Hull Jubilee celebrations 
  • Outdoor Festivals 
  • Street markets
  • Family fun days

Fabulous Contraptions specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

Fabulous Contraptions has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden

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I saw these guys in Hull for the Queen's Jubilee, they were so funny!

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