Felicity Footloose

Fun and frolics? Check. Daredevil antics? Check. Silly stunts and death-defying juggling? Check. Welcome to the Felicity Footloose Show.

About Felicity Footloose

Felicity Footloose dons her eighties disco gear and takes her stunts to the streets. Building her performance from the pavement up to her custom-made ladder, she’ll bring you all the fun, silliness and incredible talent that has earned her a powerful reputation all round the world. Stand by for loads of laughs, compulsory dancing and a massive dollop of audience participation. If you’re looking for someone to attract attention, bring your guests together and make your event one to remember, look no further. 

Felicity is an amazing acrobat and an even more amazing juggler. Her signature stunt is when she hangs by her trainer-clad feet and juggles three razor sharp knives. She’s the only performer in the world to perform this anti-gravity stunt – if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s high time you did. 

From fruit to fruit knives – juggling skills to blow your mind

Born in London, the future street entertainer started to learn to juggle at the tender age of ten by using oranges from her mother’s fruit bowl. To save their poor fruit from destruction, her parents bought Felicity her very first set of juggling balls and her future was decided. Felicity Footloose has never looked back!

As a teenager, Felicity worked as a juggler in tourist attractions before joining the circus. Honing her skills in the big top and picking up the drama of the live show too, she was soon ready for world domination. She went to Australia in 2008 where she created her solo show as a street performer: The Felicity Footloose Show. 

The street entertaining, juggling acrobat

Felicity Footloose, armed only with a ladder, a few props and the Best of the Eighties, has travelled the world, performing her street show wherever she ends up. She’s also available for festivals – as well as being a regular at Glastonbury, she pops up in Australia and the Middle East to perform to delighted crowds. She’s promoted skyscrapers and even made the occasional TV appearance. 

Hilarious and exhilarating, her comedy street show is a fun show wrapped up in an engaging, unforgettable comedy package!

Felicity Footloose Knife Juggling whilst Upside Down
Felicity performing her show at GlastonburyFelicity performing her show at Glastonbury
Felicity footloose hanging upside down whilst juggling knives above her faceFelicity footloose hanging upside down whilst juggling knives above her face
Felicity Footloose jumping and waving mid-showFelicity Footloose jumping and waving mid-show
Felicity Footloose Show with Big Crowd in edinburghFelicity Footloose Show with Big Crowd in edinburgh
Felicity Performing at Covent GardenFelicity Performing at Covent Garden
Felicity footloose midway through jugglingFelicity footloose midway through juggling

Felicity Footloose specialises in

  • Street Show
  • Comedy
  • Street Circus
  • Juggling Knives

Felicity Footloose has performed at

  • Glastonbury Festival, UK
  • Green Island Festival, Kuwait
  • Woodford Folk Festival, Australia
  • Kulturufer Freidrichstrafen, Germany

Felicity Footloose specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

Felicity Footloose has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden

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We saw Felicity at Glastonbury, and she was incredible! Really funny and everyone loved her. It was really hot as well so I don't know how she juggled upside down like she did!

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