A walkabout puppet performance with synchronised alien puppets to engage and surprise your crowd. 

What to expect from the I-Puppets

Eyes look at you. Investigators of this planet, explorers of our time. Controlled on a different level: a collective brain? 
They are looking for something…and find you! Strange, funny or terrifying?

The I-Puppets, controlled by their identical puppeteers, roam your event, surprising your guests with their synchronised movements. Their swivelling eyeball heads take in everything, while expert puppetry makes them as interactive as any other walkabout act. Let them walk and investigate their way through your crowd, crossing the divide between ideas and cultures in a puppetry performance with universal appeal. 

Sounds and music come from the performers’ costumes but this performance has no spoken language, making it accessible to all. Incredible engineering gives the puppets a great range of movement, from high above the crowd to down on the ground, even directly interacting with your crowd. 

By night, the I-Puppets’ eyes light up for an other-worldly, after-dark performance. 

Like all good walkabout acts, the I-Puppets spread their hypnotic magic all around your venue. They’ll carry the activity of your event to its furthest corners, making every guest feel involved and keeping up the energy between the main acts. Always eye-catching and a ready-made photo opportunity, they’re great for PR and look fantastic on your social media pages too. 

A skilled puppetry walkabout act

The I-Puppets are a group of up to five performers, each one controlling their own puppet. The puppets’ movements are generated by those of the puppeteers, who work as a group to create a synchronised performance. 

The perfect large-scale puppet act for…

The I-Puppets are based in The Netherlands, but have performed in many countries around the world. They are perfect for any event with a science, alien or sci-fi theme.  They’re family-friendly and make a great addition to an outdoor festival. They’re also dramatic and eye-catching – ideal for photocalls and a stunning backdrop for your other acts.  

I-Puppets towering the crowdI-Puppets towering the crowd

I-Puppets specialises in

  • Walkabout entertainment
  • Giant Puppets
  • LED puppets

I-Puppets has performed at

  • Outdoor street festivals
  • Large-scale outdoor events

I-Puppets specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

I-Puppets has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden

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I've never seen anything like them! They are awesome.

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