iPad Magician

Trickery, illusion and showmanship. Renowned for his blend of traditional sleight of hand and cutting edge technology, the iPad magician is a multifaceted magician who mesmerises audiences with his unique performances.

He is an incredibly versatile performer and can fit in any event that you are hosting. From large corporate affairs to birthday parties and weddings.

His passion is creating powerful magic and that is just what he is known for. Every digital illusion that he creates are bespoke and original to his show. He combines decades of experience as a sleight of hand magician with collaborations with a handful of best digital artist and developers. His show is a jaw dropping performance and your guests will be left bewildered as objects emerge from digital realm in and out of existence before their very eyes. They may even burst into fire and smoke!

He can also include bespoke tricks and illusions to fit your brief and event – he can produce a giveaway item or product from an iPad, phone, laptop or other devices – just imagine your new product jumping into reality from the digital world!

Based in London, Noel specialises in tech magic. His performance is a mixture of close up magic with cutting edge technology. During his career, he has performed in every top venue in London and across the country and has performed all around the world including in Saudi Arabia, Paris, Dubai, Kuwait, Venice.

He even had a TV appearance on Penn & Teller Fool Us in 2021 and managed to fool them! He performed some of his amazing tech magic, bringing the house down with his funny time travel trick!

Whether you are looking for a magician for your wedding, corporate event, private party or product launch – the iPad Magician has heaps of tricks under his sleeve to wow your guests! He is a brilliant addition who will make a huge impact and be an act to remember!

iPad Magician performing close-up at a wedding
Studio photo of iPad magician doing a trick with cards coming out of the iPadStudio photo of iPad magician doing a trick with cards coming out of the iPad
Sleight of hand & close up magic at a private partySleight of hand & close up magic at a private party
Noel performing to a small group at a weddingNoel performing to a small group at a wedding
Wedding crowd laughing with NoelWedding crowd laughing with Noel
iPad magician with lemons coming out of his iPadiPad magician with lemons coming out of his iPad
iPad Magician in the studio - wine trickiPad Magician in the studio - wine trick

iPad Magician specialises in

  • Magic & Illusion
  • Stage Shows
  • Close-up Magic
  • iPad Magic

iPad Magician has performed at

  • Pen & Teller Fool Us, USA
  • Corporate events
  • Weddings & private parties
  • The Magic Circle Originality Award

iPad Magician specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

iPad Magician has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden

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