Loz Because

Loz Because is a circus performer based in Bristol, UK. She has performed professionally for over 15 years in Street Theatre, Cabaret, corporate and public events. She loves the variety of her work, one day performing in a local school assembly, the next in Frankfurt for the MTV awards (this did actually happen in 2013!)

Creating high quality shows, she is extremely dedicated and passionate about her work. Whether that means high-quality hula hoop tricks or high-comedy falling over, Loz is equally committed to all aspects of her performance!

Loz Because’s hula hooping is utterly captivating and always an ultimate crowd pleaser! Her amazing skills, dazzling costumes and exciting choreography never fail to delight audiences world-wide.

Looking for a gentle comic touch? In her comic acts and compering, Loz is a warm and playful performer on the mic; always positive and uplifting, but always with a bit of mischief for good measure!

Looking for glow and sparkle? Her LED Hula Hoop show will simply light up the room! Loz Because’s LED hula-hooping and poi dancing is beautiful, astonishing, and truly captivating. 
With the latest technology in persistence of vision LED pixel equipment, Loz can paint patterns of light and even write messages in the air. Want to see your name in lights? Or your company logo? Loz can make it happen!

Loz Because 4 Hula Hoops
Hula Hoop Street ShowHula Hoop Street Show
Lyco Fire BurstLyco Fire Burst
Loz Because Fire ClubsLoz Because Fire Clubs
Loz Because LED hula showLoz Because LED hula show
Fire Heart DisplayFire Heart Display
Loz Because 4 Hula Hoop SpinLoz Because 4 Hula Hoop Spin

Loz specialises in

  • Street Show
  • Comedy
  • Children’s Entertainment
  • Fire Show
  • Hula Hoop Artist
  • LED Hula Hoop

Loz has performed at

  • Toronto World Buskers Festival, Canada
  • Elderberry Festival, USA
  • Olympic Torch Relay
  • British Juggling Convention

Loz specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

Loz has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden

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Charismatic, confident and utterly crazy – we knew we were in good hands the moment she got to the mic!
Southern Lights Festival Director

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