Owen Lean

Everyone loves magic. We all think we can catch magicians out, but they win every single time! Good magicians blow our minds and keep us guessing – Owen Lean is no exception. Don’t just take our word for it: he’s fully qualified, graduating in 2006 with the world’s first degree in street magic. 

What to expect from Owen Lean

Owen’s street magic act features a wide range of tricks, created to confound and amaze audiences around the world. He uses playing cards, newspapers and some very spikey looking things that might be a little bit dangerous. 

He’s also available for close-up magic, completing incredible sleights of hand right under his audience’s nose.  

Onstage or close up, Owen’s performances are always razor sharp and delightfully upbeat. As a newspaper once said, Owen Lean will interest those who don’t have an interest in magic! 

Self-taught magic skills, honed at Trinity College, Dublin

Owen discovered magic completely by accident when he found a trick deck lying around his parents’ house. Investigating it became quickly hooked on the incredible things he found he was able to do. He turned his knowledge into a street magic act, and has been performing since the age of eighteen. 

He graduated in 2006 with the world’s first degree in street magic. A year later Owen’s house burned down and he lost everything he owned. Ever since then, he has travelled the planet performing his unique comedy magic show on the world’s streets. 

Owen Lean has now become one of the world’s leading and most respected entertainers and magicians, having performed over five continents and attracted praise from the media, clients and the public alike.

Owen is the perfect magician for a variety of events

 Owen Lean is perfect for a variety of events, from street festivals to private and corporate events. He’s performed at Covent Garden in London, as well as the Edinburgh Festival, and is also available for eye-opening talks and lectures on his fascination with magic. 

Owen Lean Magician street performer
Owen Lean Magician Card TricksOwen Lean Magician Card Tricks
Owen Lean Magician with card on headOwen Lean Magician with card on head
Owen Lean Street MagicianOwen Lean Street Magician
Owen Lean magician and street performerOwen Lean magician and street performer
owen lean studio shotowen lean studio shot
Owen Lean Magician Card ShuffleOwen Lean Magician Card Shuffle

Owen specialises in

  • Magic
  • Street shows
  • Corporate
  • Close-up

Owen has performed at

  • Ottawa International Buskerfest, Canada
  • Covent Garden, London, UK
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival, UK

Owen specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

Owen has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden

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Owen is a true talent, his magic tricks were amazing!

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