Plumber Drummer

The Plumber Drummer is an incredible musical entertainment act like you have never seen before.

His homemade pipe drum kit is something completely unique. His performances burst with endless creativity feeding his audience with energy. He creates an fun, engaging and joyous atmosphere you will always want to be a part of.

At 12 years old the Plumber Drummer got his first drum kit. He progressed with it through school taking him to Leeds College of Music which led him to performing in front of the large crowds he does today in venues such as the 02 Academy in Leeds which holds over 2,000 people.

Nathan originally started busking with a friend playing drums on buckets, pots and pans. Eventually this led to building his first set of pipes with his dad a few years ago. Since building the current version of the pipes, the Plumber Drummer is becoming a recognisable name in many cities, drawing sizeable crowds and attention from large social media platforms.

If you are looking to hire a musician, the Plumber Drummer is a unique and mesmerising act your guests will not forget.

Street show in York

Plumber Drummer specialises in

  • Music
  • Show
  • Homemade/Environmental

Plumber Drummer has performed at

  • 02 Academy Leeds, UK
  • Shopping Malls
  • Street Festivals & Outdoor Events

Plumber Drummer specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

Plumber Drummer has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden
Street EntertainmentStreet Entertainment
Pipe Drums KitPipe Drums Kit
Plumber DrummerPlumber Drummer
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Plumber Drummer building kitPlumber Drummer building kit
Plumber Drummer Pipe DrumsPlumber Drummer Pipe Drums

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Incredible! His drum kit is something else, it's unique and sounds amazing!
Audience Member, York

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