Pongo; the world’s only eight-foot baby Fudgerigar!

He is loved by all he encounters for his playful nature, adorable personality and stunning appearance! This cheeky hatchling is accompanied by the eccentric pet shop owner Bill Oddity, with his inter-dimentional travelling menagerie of the galaxy’s most extraordinary creatures!

What to expect from Pongo

Help Bill to feed Pongo, feel his gorgeous feathers and try not to get sneezed on! If you’re lucky he might even lay you a delicious chocolate egg!

Original animatronic walkabout costume

Pongo is a totally unique animatronic creature suit, fitted with custom built mechanisms that allow the hidden puppeteer to animate the various features of the incredible bird costume, from the subtlest fluttering of his eyelids to his magnificent leaps and bounds.

Pongo is the perfect roving act for;

Outdoor street markets, food and drink festivals, family fun-days, shopping centres, zoos, Easter events, Spring events and much more!

Pongo and Bill walkabout character act for hire
Pongo and BillPongo and Bill
Pongo Walkabout actPongo Walkabout act
Pongo Duo ActPongo Duo Act
Pongo and Bill Duo ActPongo and Bill Duo Act

Pongo specialises in

  • Walkabout Entertainment
  • Animal Entertainment
  • Roving Act
  • Costumes & Characters
  • Interactive Entertainment
  • Puppetry 

Pongo has performed at

  • Jersey Arts Centre, UK
  • Continental Drifts, UK
  • Birthday parties
  • Outdoor Markets
  • Street Theatre Festivals

Pongo specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

Pongo has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden

Book Pongo now

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Everyone was in awe of them, they were great, people are still chatting about them now! … I thought it would be tougher to impress a crowd of 21-year-olds, but they did an EXCELLENT job and really made my party that bit more special!
Charlotte Murray, 21st Birthday Girl

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