Reverse Mermaids

What’s better than a mermaid? A Reverse Mermaid, of course! This playful piscine piece of street theatre have swapped their tails for human legs to really stand out in your crowd. 

What to expect from the Reverse Mermaids

There’s something a bit fishy about these mermaids. With glittering scales and human legs, they might not be the sirens you expected. Fortunately, they’re a lot more entertaining! 

The Reverse Mermaids are on holiday, sightseeing with their huge googly eyes and taking in all the strange sights of the magical world above the waves. This watery walkabout duo fore hire love meeting the people who inhabit the dry land and greeting them with a friendly “fish bump” or high five.  They’ll love having a bit of a bop with your guests, dancing and joking with young and old alike. 

Masters of surprise, the double act might pop up anywhere, strolling on the beach, gaming in the arcades or even shopping in the mall. 

Invite them to your next waterside event to entertain your guests, bring the crowd together and keep the energy up right across your venue.  You could even capture the moment with some hilarious “shellfies.” Photos with the Reverse Mermaids are a great way to promote your event on social media and a brilliant souvenir for your visitors. 

Fishy fun and captivating costumes – an unexpected piece of maritime entertainment!

The Reverse Mermaids are always a talking point, immersing themselves in your event in their fantastic costumes. Your crowd will love their upbeat humour and instinctive interactions, feeling the sunshine of a great beach holiday wherever the Reverse Mermaids go.

The perfect events to book the Reverse Mermaids

They are a great roving act for any event, particularly ones with a nautical, maritime or beach theme. At home on any pier or promenade, this delightful duo will bring magic, sparkle and an all-round feelgood factor to your festival. 

We know your guests will love the Reverse Mermaids as much as we do – be sure to give them a wave! 

A solo Reverse Mermaid on the pier pointing out to sea
Reverse Mermaids Walkabout act aReverse Mermaids Walkabout act a
Reverse Mermaids Walkabout actReverse Mermaids Walkabout act
Reverse Mermaids Walkabout actReverse Mermaids Walkabout act
Reverse Mermaids Walkabout ActReverse Mermaids Walkabout Act
The Reverse Mermaids walkabout actThe Reverse Mermaids walkabout act
Image of the reverse mermaids walkabout act admiring a large muralImage of the reverse mermaids walkabout act admiring a large mural

Reverse Mermaids specialises in

  • Maritime Entertainment
  • Interaction
  • Fishy Costumes
  • Walkabout Entertainment
  • Street Theatre

Reverse Mermaids has performed at

  • Hull Jubilee celebrations, 2022
  • Maritime Events
  • Street Theatre Festivals
  • Outdoor Markets
  • Food & Drink Festivals

Reverse Mermaids specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

Reverse Mermaids has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden

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They were brilliant. I loved their dance moves, I've never seen a mermaid dance before!
Claire, Hull Jubilee Celebrations 2022

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