Warning: Kangaroos for the next five kilometres!
The Roo’s are springy, energetic, giant kangaroos, bouncing all the way from the Australian outback to perform at your next event. For their interactive, jumping stilts act, the Roo’s will rove around your venue, entertaining your guests with their cheeky blend of outback macho and inner-city punk savvy. 

What to expect from the Roo’s

Whether you’re planning a private party or corporate entertainment, it can only be improved with Roo’s. Taking the party with them wherever they bound, this awesome animal-inspired act will be bouncing in and out of the crowd, giving laughs, hugs and autographs to anyone they meet. Dancing, wise-cracking and ker-doing-ing, our favourite springy stilt-walkers are the perfect entertainment for your next event.  

The Roo’s love meeting people and chatting to the guests at your event. They’re a great way to bridge the gap between audience and artist, bringing the crowd together with a guaranteed feel-good factor. At full height, the performers stand far above the heads of the audience, creating an instant impact to draw an even bigger crowd. 

Walkabout characters, the Roo’s don’t need their own slot on your programme – they simply join in with the crowd and bring their special energy to your event. 

Incredible stilt-walking skills

The performers combine their ridiculous level of skill with innovative stilts and crazy costumes. These experienced stilt walkers have taken the art to the next level, incorporating springs, jumping and humour into the act to create the phenomenon that is the Roo’s. 

The Roo’s are the ideal kangaroo walkabout act for;

International events, or parties with an animal theme. They can also bring their animal magic to corporate events, children’s parties, street festivals and more

The Roo's Stilt Walking Act
Roo's kangaroo stilt performers jumpingRoo's kangaroo stilt performers jumping
Roo's laying down interacting with the crowdRoo's laying down interacting with the crowd
Roo's stilt walkabout actRoo's stilt walkabout act
Roo's Giant Kangaroo Stilt PerformerRoo's Giant Kangaroo Stilt Performer
Roo's Kangaroo stilt walkabout actRoo's Kangaroo stilt walkabout act
Roo's Stilt Kangaroo jumpingRoo's Stilt Kangaroo jumping

The Roo's specialises in

  • Walkabout entertainment
  • Kangaroo costumed act
  • Interactive entertainment
  • Jump stilts act

The Roo's has performed at

  • Glastonbury Festival, UK
  • Streat! Harrogate, UK
  • Covent Garden on Tour, London, UK
  • Street performances, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

The Roo's specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

The Roo's has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden

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They were such fun! We loved following them round, watching them hop through the festival!
Audience member, Glastonbury Festival

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