Meet Saurus, the giant beasts from prehistoric times!

Introducing Saurus

Presumed to be extinct, the biggest beasts that ever walked the earth return to the twenty-first century in this incredible, jaw-dropping dinosaur walkabout act. With a deafening roar, Saurus charge through the crowds, looking for food to calm their hunger. Fortunately, they are vegetarians!

Large-scale walkabout puppet act

Saurus is a large scale roving street theatre act. Whether they travel in a small group or larger flock, their thunderous roars might intimidate at first. However, they soon become a crowd favourite with their impressive costumes and stilt-walking. Standing as tall as a double decker bus, these amazing creatures steal the show wherever they go.

One of the finest walkabout acts in Europe

This high impact walkabout act provides optimum entertainment at street festivals, corporate events and large celebrations.

Get in touch for more information on this incredible prehistoric entertainment today, that is possibly one of the finest walkabout acts in Europe.

dragon leader stroking the saurus dragon
two saurus dragons and a leader stood in a large crowdtwo saurus dragons and a leader stood in a large crowd
three saurus dragons surrounded by a large crowdthree saurus dragons surrounded by a large crowd
line of saurus dragonsline of saurus dragons
Saurus walkabout entertainment in large crowdSaurus walkabout entertainment in large crowd
saurus dragons stood in a linesaurus dragons stood in a line
Saurus Giant Puppet WalkaboutSaurus Giant Puppet Walkabout

Saurus specialises in

  • Giant walkabout act
  • Puppetry
  • Enormous
  • Sound effects

Saurus has performed at

  • Halloween Parade, Derry
  • Window of the World, Shenzhen
  • Summer Streets, St Helens, UK

Saurus specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

Saurus has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden

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WOW! I was absolutely mesmerised by Saurus, they are incredible. I really hope we get to see them again.

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