The Sprats

Babies in a buggy…or future world leaders?! The Sprats are an incredible walkabout act, political and edgy but always entertaining too. 

What to expect from the Sprats

Two babies in a double buggy, pushed by they their mum, make up this  innovative, interactive walkabout act. Rosie and Maddie are two politically-aware infants, giving a babies-eye-view of the adult world. 

These little Sprats are bolshy. They drive where they want. They say what they want. Their emotions run high…are they hysterically laughing or hysterically crying?  Will they quote Plato or burp the alphabet? They debate and they poo. 

They blend a razor-sharp script with hilarious, spontaneous, running commentary, inviting your guests over for a chat to distort the world as they know it. Using a unique blend of physical and verbal comedy, they create highly entertaining, multi-dimensional work that provides the audiences with easily accessible food for thought.

A hilarious interactive walkabout act

Like all good walkabout acts, the Sprats bring your crowd together, create a talking point and provide lots of entertainment away from the main stage. They carry the energy all over your event site, sparking off your visitors and providing some amazing photo opportunities too. 

Their acting, costumes and props will have you suspending your disbelief – their world is your world seen through different eyes. 

Perfect entertainment for festivals, town centre events and family fun-days

Festival regulars, the Sprats have developed a taste for alcohol and have souped up their buggy to protect them from the mud. They also love comedy festivals and town centre events and the chance to shoot the breeze with completely new audiences. You might have caught them in the circus field at Glastonbury or Nozstock.

New for Covent Garden Entertainment in 2023, why not book them for your next outdoor event?  

Sprats Walkabout Act
Festival girl taking a selfie with the SpratsFestival girl taking a selfie with the Sprats
Sprats performing walkabout shows at a festivalSprats performing walkabout shows at a festival
Sprats photo taken in black and whiteSprats photo taken in black and white
Children at an event pointing and interacting with the SpratsChildren at an event pointing and interacting with the Sprats
Interactive roving act called the SpratsInteractive roving act called the Sprats
Comedy character baby walkabout actComedy character baby walkabout act

The Sprats specialises in

  • Walkabout Entertainment
  • Character Walkabout
  • Interactive Roving Entertainment

The Sprats has performed at

  • Nozstock Festival
  • Glastonbury Festival

The Sprats specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

The Sprats has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden

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Spectacularly odious children! Grand children of Jeremy Clarkson? Clever staging and utterly brilliant!

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