Steve Faulkner

Steve Faulkner is one of our finest magicians. His tricks will keep you guessing and blow your mind!

What to expect from Steve Faulkner

Steve is an expert in close-up magic and sleight-of-hand, creating his own versions of classic tricks as well as plenty your guests will never have seen before. He’ll confuse his audience with his rubber band handcuffs, and make guests think twice before eating a sandwich. His hands move so fast that no one will know which way is up, and they certainly won’t be ready for his jaw-dropping reveals.

The whole illusionist act is delivered with wit, charm and precision timing – a performance the audience will be talking about for a long time afterwards.

Magical team building entertainment

Steve is also available for team building and corporate challenge days. Why not book him to come to your workplace and teach your staff magic?

Steve blends his performance with problem-solving and rapport exercises. He creates an environment of animation and enthusiasm, where everyone feels accepted and no one feels intimidated. His sessions are based around magic – he loves sharing his skills and helping other people find new strengths. Everyone goes away knowing a few very good tricks and gets their own deck of professional playing cards worthy of any magician!

Sleight-of-hand skills

Steve Faulkner has decades of experience and is a member of the Magic Circle. His act is slick and professional, with each trick delivered seamlessly before the audience can draw breath. He’s worked as a street entertainer as well as a magician, and he has all the confidence and winning people skills you’d expect from a professional entertainer.

Steve Faulkner is an excellent option to hire a magician

Perfect for any social or corporate function, Steve Faulkner is a sought-after street magician. Equally at home at a party, as a wedding magician, or centre-stage at a conference, he’s entertained people of all ages and backgrounds. He’s a Covent Garden regular and you might catch him at the Edinburgh Festival too.

Steve Faulkner performing a card trick to the audience
Steve Faulkner performing magic at a corporate eventSteve Faulkner performing magic at a corporate event
Steve Faulkner head shotSteve Faulkner head shot
Steve Faulkner performing at a weddingSteve Faulkner performing at a wedding
Steve Faulkner performing at trick for two peopleSteve Faulkner performing at trick for two people
Steve Faulkner performing a card shuffle trickSteve Faulkner performing a card shuffle trick
Steve Faulkner performing up on a stage with an audience memeberSteve Faulkner performing up on a stage with an audience memeber

Steve specialises in

  • Street magician
  • Corporate
  • Close up
  • Interactive

Steve has performed at

  • Edinburgh Festival, UK
  • Regular at Covent Garden, UK
  • Head Out Not Home, Norwich, UK

Steve specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

Steve has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden

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Steve managed to blow my mind and made me re-assess my knowledge of magic.
Matt Helders, Arctic Monkeys

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