Titan The Robot

Titan the Robot is an AI giant, a technologically advanced walkabout act that’s perfect for your sci-fi event.

What to expect from Titan

Titan the Robot stands head, shoulders and body above the crowd – an eye-catching, high profile walkabout act to wow your visitors. With flashing eyes, outstanding panel work and a built-in water gun, he’ll bring excitement, thrills and laughs to your next event.

More than just a household appliance, Titan will roam among your guests, a robot on the loose, keeping the party going between acts and injecting his own flash of sci-fi into your crowd. He also creates fantastic photo opportunities to make your event one to remember.

Interactive walkabout act

He can rev up the crowd or form the main attraction, holding centre stage in high streets, shopping centres and holiday parks. Loved by robot fans large and small, Titan the Robot is a technological marvel. If he had emotions, he’d love the crowd as much as they love him.

Titan is based in the UK but fully portable, and can easily travel to your event. He’s visited over forty-eight countries so far – will yours be his forty-ninth? He can tailor his act to your party, business or promotion, and even has a special Christmas show! 

Technologically advanced design

Titan was built by one of the UK’s leading car manufacturers to the highest possible specification (that’s what he’s telling people, anyway!). This state-of-the-art entertainment is brought to you by a very talented team of actors, technicians and performers – an interactive robot walkabout act like no other.

Titan’s the perfect robot act for;

A regular at music festivals and sci-fi conventions, Titan is always a popular robot walkabout act. He’s available for promotional work too, advertising your brand or organisation with his own style of futuristic charm. 

Studio Photo of Titan the Robot
Titan the Robot at a conventionTitan the Robot at a convention
Titan the Robot wearing a santa hatTitan the Robot wearing a santa hat
Titan the Robot performing in a shopping mall in DubaiTitan the Robot performing in a shopping mall in Dubai
Titan the Robot in a shopping mallTitan the Robot in a shopping mall
Titan the Robot in a shopping mall in turkeyTitan the Robot in a shopping mall in turkey
Titan the Robot with Hugh JackmanTitan the Robot with Hugh Jackman

Titan specialises in

  • Walkabout Act
  • Lifesize Robot
  • Interactive 
  • Can be branded

Titan has performed at

  • Daejeon Science Festival, South Korea
  • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
  • On stage with Rhianna!
  • National Movie Awards, Wembley Arena, UK

Titan specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

Titan has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden

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