Victor Rubilar

Victor Rubilar, from Argentina, is a football freestyling specialist and Guinness World Record holder.

He has performed shows in over 35 countries and 145 cities. Victor Rubilar, football juggler extraordinaire, holds five Guinness World Records and eleven International Awards. He has performed shows in front of millions of people in the audience. Victor Rubilar is, without a doubt, a one of a kind juggler and performer.

He specializes in juggling with up to five soccer balls, comedy and dancing. Victor Rubilar presents a very unique soccer performance. In his career he has shared the stage among many with Pele, Messi, Etto’o and Drogba. He has even performed for the Royal family of UAE.

One of Rubilar’s specialties is comedy shows. “Circus Super Star” is a show he developed in Argentina, in 2007. During this hilarious and entertaining show Victor Rubilar builds up an intense relationship between his Latino character and the audience. This is a fantastic street show with not only humor but a very advanced technical level of juggling. Victor combines juggling with footballs, acrobatics, magic and loads of comedy.

Victor’s highly technical talents are sure to be taken seriously but, he also knows how to have a bit of fun and get the audience laughing with him. Victor combines juggling with footballs, dance and audience interaction to create a 45 minutes show that is a party on stage.

Victor’s football skills wound fit right in at sports-themed events, festivals, shopping malls and many things. His talent is versatile and enjoyed by people of all ages.

Victor Rubilar juggling 5 footballs
Victor Rubilar balance football on headVictor Rubilar balance football on head
Victor Rubilar world-class street performerVictor Rubilar world-class street performer
Victor Rubilar breaking Guinness World RecordVictor Rubilar breaking Guinness World Record
Victor Rubilar football specialistVictor Rubilar football specialist
Victor Rubilar 5 ball juggleVictor Rubilar 5 ball juggle
Victor Rubilar Juggling footballsVictor Rubilar Juggling footballs

Victor Rubilar specialises in

  • Street shows
  • Corporate
  • Football freestyler
  • Juggler

Victor Rubilar has performed at

  • Guinness World Record holder
  • Microsoft
  • FIFA
  • Formula 1

Victor Rubilar specialises in

Street Shows, Silent Comedy Mime Show, Street Circus – Unicycle and Juggling

Victor Rubilar has performed at

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Windows of the World, Changsha, Regular at Covent Garden

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