The Fun Ship Food Festival
Hire street entertainers for a venue relaunch

We got back to the office this week after a fantastic weekend in North Wales. The organisers hired three of our talented street entertainers and two of our finest musicians for the Fun Ship Street Food Festival. We had a great time – the crowd was amazing and so was the food!

Relaunching the much-loved Duke of Lancaster

If you don’t know about the Fun Ship, here’s a bit of history. Its real name is the Duke of Lancaster, known to locals as the Fun Ship or Dukey. It was built in the fifties as a state-of-the-art passenger ferry with room for 1,800 people. However, by 1979, it had been superseded by the new car ferries, so the Duke of Lancaster was put into a dry dock on the River Dee in Mostyn, North Wales. Rechristened the Fun Ship, it became home to a nightclub, a market, bars and a restaurant until it closed about twenty years ago. An intriguing local landmark, it’s been sitting there ever since.

Fortunately, the Duke of Lancaster has many fans. Her current owner, Antony Rowley, is keen to re-establish the Fun Ship as an events venue. He has already taken the first step – staging a sumptuous food festival on 4th and 5th September 2021 on the quayside, with the ship as a dramatic backdrop. He invited some of the street entertainers from Covent Garden Entertainment to recreate the energy of the Fun Ship’s heyday.

Fun Ship Festival

Street entertainers on the banks of the River Dee

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We were all delighted to be performing again at long last. For many of us, it was our first live performance since February 2020 and it felt great to be back.

Jamie Waudby is an outstanding street entertainer and juggler, and had the honour of opening the festival. As always, many thanks to the kind volunteers for helping him mount his 8ft unicycle!

I performed my signature escape from handcuffs and chains at the top of a ladder – not too rusty after my eighteen-month break.

Charlotte Campbell’s acoustic music was as soulful as ever, and Phillipa Leigh delighted the audience with her quirky and spirited ukulele set.

Felicity Footloose blew the crowd away with a fantastic finale, hanging upside down by her feet and juggling knives. This is one of the most challenging stunts on the street performance circuit and always incredible to watch.

Rob Collins at Fun Ship Festival in Wales

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Upside Down Juggling

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Charlotte on a stage at Fun Ship Festival

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Attractions working together – something for everyone

Holding a festival to relaunch a venue is a great idea and we were thrilled to be part of it. Different elements worked together to create a memorable day out for Mostyn families. As well as the delicious local food, there was wrestling from Britannia Wrestling, and our own live music and performances. Above all, the Duke of Lancaster – the reason we were there – provide a stunning focal point. We hope the Fun Ship Food Festival helped locals remember what the ship had been in the past. We hope too that it will encourage them to support other events held there in the future. 

Hire street entertainers for your venue re-launch

The Fun Ship Food Festival shows how much excitement street entertainers can bring to any event. You can also see how well they can work alongside other performers and attractions. If you’re planning a venue relaunch, or reopening now restrictions have lifted, we’d love to help make your celebration one to remember. Our entertainers bring professional sparkle and a personal touch to any event.

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Waudby at Fun Ship Festival
Fire juggling at Fun Ship Festival
Phillipa at Fun Ship Festival in Wales
Chair handstand
Charlotte performing on stage at Fun ship Festival

Photo credit: Splash Point Photo

Photo credit: Splash Point Photo

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