Virtual Entertainment

What is virtual entertainment? 

Virtual entertainment takes place on an online platform which allows you to host an event to hundreds and thousands of people without stepping outside…as long as you have an electronic device and wi-fi! 

Why go virtual? 

It’s possible that virtual entertainment could be the new way to host an event for the foreseeable future. Virtual events provide the opportunity to expand your brand awareness by getting your organisation more exposure around the world and increasing your global reach. 

Whether you are a performer yourself and putting on a show providing virtual entertainment, or part of a company wanting to put on a virtual event for your employees and business partners, virtual events are beneficial for all. These events can be as engaging and interactive as real life events and allow you to provide information and entertainment without the need of having to physically have people together. 

Going virtual can also be a much more cost effective way to host events as outgoings are less as you’re not having to pay for expenses such as a venue and travel costs. 

How to do it?

You can host a live-streamed event which the attendees will only have access to whilst it is being streamed. Alternatively, you can also have the event recorded and available for access on-demand, providing more flexibility with the event viewing time and therefore opportunities for a larger audience. 

Don’t worry, we can help ease the pressure and stress of organising virtual events as we’ll manage all the streaming and technical aspects for you. 

So if you want to be reactive and create solutions to the problems the entertainment industry currently faces, get in touch with us today and let us help create your virtual event! 


Over the past few months we have been adapting to the current times and have helped co-produce some virtual events. In April and May we co-produced two World Buskers United festivals. These were two free online 24-hour live festivals showing entertainers from around the world performing from their homes during lockdown. 

During June we teamed up with Glastonbury as they hosted an online version of their festival. We had the pleasure of producing a one hour live slot from Covent Garden HQ showcasing some of our wonderful performers and their amazing talents. 

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